The Community Investment Act will provide up to $5 million annually to the CT Department of Agriculture to provide support for:

Dairy Support– funding for a dairy safety net paid when federal prices fall below the cost of production.  This account provides stimulus to a business sector that generates $1.1 billion in annual economic activity for the state’s economy.

​Agriculture Viability Grants- $1 million will be available through grants to farmers, non-profit organizations, municipalities, and regional planning agencies/councils of government for activities that will promote agriculture sustainability, farmland protection, and increase the viability of farm businesses. ​

Farmland Preservation Program- funding available to pay for three of five full time staff positions in the CT Farmland Preservation Program and support for legal review.  This dramatic increase in capacity has accelerated the pace of farmland protection.  These protected farms remain in private ownership continue to pay local property taxes.

CT Grown Program- $100,000 will be added to the Connecticut Grown Program, an ongoing initiative to increase the visibility of the “CT-Grown” logo and the overall demand for CT Grown products. ​ ​CT Farm Link Program - $75,000 will go toward a new program that will help match people interested in farming with available farmland.

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